Lost In Deutschland

Major University Project part of MARVD Game Studios

An educational adventure game, set in Germany (Deutschland), where you control Albert, an Australian tourist who's been robbed of his belongings. You must find your stolen belongings through translating the language with your mobile phone.


  • Level Designer/Texture Artist: Mohamad Zayied

  • Project Manager/Game Designer/Writer: Alex Binskin 

  • Programmer: Victor Lucas

  • UI/Audio Designer: Dylan Ho

  • 3D Modeller: Romeo Basil 

Get Flushed

2017 Global Game Jam, Theme: Waves, Team RAM

Get Flushed is inspired from the theme of the Global Game Jam 2016 "Wave". Become a piece of crap and have fun drifting down the drains into freedom. Collect the bacteria and escape. Enjoy and please don't rage.


  • UI/Level Designer: Mohamad Zayied

  • Game Designer/Programmer: Alex Binskin 

  • 3D Modeller: Romeo Basil 

That Viral Game

2018 Global Game Jam, Theme: Transmission

Transmit your virus to cells faster than your opponent to gain domination over the map. Spread the virus to reach a count of 500 over time to beat your opponent.


  • 3D modeller and Texturer: Mohamad Zayied

  • Programmer and Texturer: Victor Lucas

  • Programmer: Alex Binskin 

  • 3D Modeller: Romeo Basil

  • 2D Artist: Laura Wenham

  • Sound Designers: Nick and Hal

Gamelink: https://globalgamejam.org/2018/games/viral-game

Download the source files, unzip the folder and run the EXE. Its a 2 player local multiplayer (share keyboard).

The Puppy Who Lost It's Way

2019 Global Game Jam, Theme: "What Does Home Remind You Of"

It's about a puppy who's trying to find his way home by following a scent to collect items which remind him of home in order to find his way home. How to Play: WASD/Arrow keys to move, mouse to look around, upArrowkey/W + holding down left shift to run faster. Esc to Pause and Resume Game. Collect items follow the scent to other items to find your way home.


  • Programmer: Mohamad Zayied

  • Programmer and Level Designer: Victor Lucas 

  • 3D Modeller: Romeo Basil

Gamelink: https://globalgamejam.org/2019/games/puppy-who-lost-its-way

Download the source files, unzip the folder and run the EXE. 

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